Digitizing - Our in-house digitizer has over 20 years of embroidery experience, making him one of the most valuable resources GreatWhale can offer to our customers.  His knowledge of DST file creation is second to none and the convenience of an in-house artist allows for easy communication of art specifications and quick turn-around times on DST creation.

To ensure orders leave our facility intact and correct, all orders are validated for correct design usage and logo placement.

Tackle Twill is the preferred method of decoration and embellishment for professional, amateur, and school-level sports uniforms and jerseys. Your favorite athletes all wear tackle twill on the field, court, or ice at every game. Tackle twill involves cutting letters, numbers, and shapes out of a large piece of material (usually a poly twill but felt, satin, and wool are frequently used as well). Once cut, these pieces are then individually attached to a garment using zigzag stitches. The process is similar to appliqué and, because tackle twill designs frequently allow for a combination of both fabric and embroidery, they can be incredibly intricate and attractive.

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